Our Equipment

With our in-house R&D department, we run the research, development, production, and supply to deliver excellent-quality products directly from our establishment. Our factory is equipped with the latest technology and machines that are well maintained and updated with regular maintenance to keep our production running smoothly, every day, every time. Every step of our production from research to product delivery is strictly monitored and thoroughly checked by qualified specialists to ensure our products accomplish the utmost quality and durability as every product infuses our customer’s trust, confidence, and reliability into our brand. Having an in-house R&D department also provides extensive convenience and cost-saving solutions for us to run more R&D efforts to keep generating first-rate products at exceptionally competitive prices.
Cutting Machines
Coating Machines
Converting Machines
Lab Equipt 1
Lab Equipt 2
Lab Equipt 3
Programmable Temperature and Humidity Chamber
Incubator Oven
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