LTI C526 is a high grade crepe paper masking tape coated with water base acrylic adhesive.
Properties Units Specifications
Total Thickness μm 140±5
Backing Crepe Paper
Adhesive Water Based Arcylic
Adhesion To Steel kgf/25mm 0.3↑
Tack(Ball#14) Cm 8↓
Holding Power (500g) Hours 5↑
Heat Resistance °C 100 for 30 mins

Shelf Life is 12 months with storage condition of 23oC,65%R.H.


  • Easy to use
  • Clean removal when exposed to direct or indirect sunlight
  • Able to withstand temperature up to 100°C
  • Compliance to RoSH Directive


It serves for bundling, holding, painting, many applicable masking is needed. It is mostly used for indoor and outside painting.

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